Steps Taken By The Canadian Government To Promote Tourism In Canada

Like other markets, the tourism industry has been greatly affected due to the pandemic. Despite being a favourite tourist destination, Canada has been unable to attract many travellers in the last few years. This is having a devastating effect on the tourism sector. As a result, the government of Canada is taken the necessary steps to restore this market.

A $67 million in funding has been proposed to support the tourism sector of Canada. There will be 24 projects through the Sectoral Initiatives Program (SIP). These projects will help the industry stakeholders and employers in the tourism sector to attract more skilled workers, capacity building, and other things.

Training opportunities will be provided to the workers, and the economy in the Indigenous communities will be stimulated. Incentives will be provided to the employers to hire and retain workers. Over one million new job opportunities will be created in this sector.

Steps Taken By The Canadian Government To Promote Tourism In Canada 1 - Steps Taken By The Canadian Government To Promote Tourism In Canada

The tourism sector is an important source of employment for the young generation in Canada. The SIP project received $960 million in funding to support tourism and other important sectors.

The project will implement industry-driven solutions to deal with the present and future workforce needs. Part of the fund will be used for domestic and destination marketing. Regional developments of the tourism sector are taking place in different provinces of Canada.

The government is encouraging people to go out of the house and enjoy the beautiful nature of Canada. Over the next few years, various organizations will create marketing programs to encourage tourists and local people to explore the local tourist attractions. Infrastructures will be built to host visitors safely.

Steps are being taken to promote different provinces. So, extensive marketing activities are conducted to highlight the local tourist spots and encourage people to visit these places. Facilities at these places have been improved so that the tourists can enjoy and create beautiful memories.

With a trained workforce in this sector, the tourism industry in Canada will flourish again. People who have lost jobs during the pandemic will get new job opportunities. The revenue gained from the tourism sector will affect the entire economy of Canada once the projects undertaken by the government are properly implemented.