WS.2017 tandem

As a passenger, you will be required to make a short run during takeoff and landing, but your HPAC certified pilot will fully control the flight, including takeoff and landing. We fly from Mount Woodside (690m ASL) near Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada.

The price is $200 CAD, includes a transportation to the launch, brief introduction and practice take-off, complimentary helmet, flight (10-30 min), video recording.

Come flying with your friends, booking allows up to 3 flights at a time! The total time from start to finish is approximately 2 hours.

Liability waiver must be signed before flight by passenger, or parent/legal guardian if under 19 yrs old.

Reservation required; subject to availability and weather.

Maximum weight limit: 240 lbs/110 kg

A minimum level of fitness. You may be required to run.

Warm clothing and sturdy footwear.

And we don't jump off a cliff - just take some running strides down slope as the glider begins to fly.

Want to try..?

Give a gift of flight to someone special - buy a gift certificate!

Provide us the name of your special one and we will send you the certificate with the recipient's name.

It could be used anytime during 2020 flying season.

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