Best Places To Have Outdoor Adventure In Canada

Best Places To Have Outdoor Adventure In Canada 563x353 - Best Places To Have Outdoor Adventure In Canada

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Canada is a great place to visit for holidays. You will see beautiful nature and enjoy the city life, culture, and everything about Canada. If you are an adventure seeker, then you will have a lifetime experience here. Some of the places for great outdoor adventure are mentioned here.

Heli-hiking, Banff, Alberta

If you want to experience a different type of hiking, then you should try heli-hiking in Banff, Alberta. You will go to remote areas by helicopter and choose strolls through meadows, go near a waterfall of for more adventure hike along high mountain ridges.

Otter kayak tour, Kyuquot, BC.

For wildlife adventure, you should go for a 5-day otter kayak tour in Kyuquot, BC. You will be able to see bald eagles, puffins, sea lions, whales, and other exotic wildlife. Guided tours are offered that are safe and enjoyable.

Adventures at Glacier National Park, British Columbia

You can visit this park any time of the year. You will see beautiful nature in all seasons. You can take tree tours and climb the mountains. You can go on hiking and explore new places. There are tour operators outside who can guide you to experience the ultimate adventure.

Horse pack trips, Big River, Sask.

This place is home to the Sturgeon River Ranch. You will have a great experience riding a horse on a few thousand-acre properties. Here you will see the bison roaming around freely. You can go on multi-day horse pack trips and go camping.

CN Tower EdgeWalk, Toronto

If you have enough of exploring nature and want to experience something different, then you can go for the CN Tower EdgeWalk in Toronto. You will walk 116 stories above the ground and get the best view of Lake Ontario. There is no handrail, and you will have the adventure of a lifetime.

These adventures are difficult to experience elsewhere. Make sure you book your activities beforehand and take the support of experienced tour guides from your hotel or elsewhere. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures as memories.

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