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If you don’t have the habit of reading travel books, then you are missing out a lot on your trip to new places. If you can have good knowledge about the place you are about to visit, then you can enjoy the best parts of that place. Here are some books that are recommended if you are planning a trip to Canada.

150 Nature Hotspots in Canada (2020)

Edited by – Debbie Olsen

This book information about the best nature spots in Canada. The book is full of stunning photos of beautiful nature. You can plan your vacation well by reading this book. You will know which places are best to visit during a particular season, their opening time, beach facilities, camping areas, and more.

25 Places in Canada that Every Family Should Visit (2017)

By – Jody Robbins

This book is ideal for both local and international travellers. The book has lots of beautiful pictures which will inspire you. You will get recommendations on where to eat and sleep. Besides informing you about the best places to visit, this book gives you useful travel tips as well.

Moon Vancouver, with Victoria, Vancouver Island, & Whistler (2020)

By – Carolyn Heller

This book is perfect for those people visiting Canada for the first time. This book is about Vancouver and the nearby places. The book contains coloured photos and detailed maps so that you can explore the place on your own if you want to. You will learn about the history, culture, and landscape.

Toronto’s Lost Villages (2020)

By – Ron Brown

This book gives an account of the villages in Toronto that are lost due to urban development. You will be able to explore Toronto by reading this book. You will know about the history and culture of this place.

These books are worth reading before planning your vacation to Canada. The books provide genuine information about places to visit, accommodation, food, culture, and history of Canada.